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Contemplative & Moody


Flight of Vindication

It Pays To Be More Than Human

Reflection on a Boy's Growing Independence (Jakarta 2049)

The Milky Wayfarer

Toe Tag, You Are It!

Baseless Accusations

Up-tempo & Quirky


Boba Nova

Baguettes and Butterflies

Felonious Motives

News Soundbed

Stocks Are Up

Maximum Market Convexity

Film Cues

Select cues from Helianthus horror

It's Under My Skin

Waking Up

I'm Not Well

The Shattering

Select cues from Motivet drama


It's not coming out right



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In need of bespoke audio for your commercial, TV series or film? Christer is a tunesmith who helps brands and projects entertain, delight and create relationships with their audience. A seasoned composer & music producer, Christer also has 23 years of entrepreneurial and tech industry experience. He prides himself on being a service-oriented collaborator, commited to delivering excellence for clients. It's not a hit until the project is a hit!

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