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Add Color To Your Message

You remember McDonald's. Maybe The Pink Panther, too? It takes state-of-the-art motifs and phrases to help customers remember your message and crave more. Christer Ostergaard specializes in creating fun, exciting and recognizable motifs and themes that will make your message stick. Add some color to your day with this latest tune!

Sojourn Spirit

So very French! I love this.
Very well constructed, always kept my ear guessing!!

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Larry David MacGregor Blumenthal
Composer & Cinematographer

Everything you need to add color

Below you will find examples of French Romantic (can you smell the baguette?); fast and quirky latin grooves; a slow and emotive piece, and suspense and thriller piece with sound design.

About Christer Østergaard

In need of bespoke audio for your commercial, TV series or film? Christer is a tunesmith who helps brands and projects entertain, delight and create relationships with their audience. A seasoned composer & music producer, Christer also has 23 years of entrepreneurial and tech industry experience. He prides himself on being a service-oriented collaborator, commited to delivering excellence for clients. It's not a hit until the project is a hit!

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Christer Østergaard